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We have to talk about the violence

Peer violence cases in Montenegro gained public attention when a girl’s father stated that she had taken her own life. The second is the case of a 12-year-old girl who was abused by a group of older boys for more than a month, harassed, filmed, blackmailed, asking for money and valuable things from her. After that, the children and the parents started to stand up. The State Prosecution has no record of cases of peer violence, while the NGO “Parents” survey showed that every fourth child in the past school year experienced some form of peer violence.

Author: Jelena Kontić

My neighbor does not bother me!

Conflicts on the territory of the former Yugoslavia have had lasting consequences on the population that survived those wars. This has also affected the creation of tensions in the post-war years that made life in this region much harder. However, the generations of young people born after the wars want to go further. That’s the way it is with young Kosovars who are not bothered by their neighbors, regardless of religion, nation, or sexual orientation. More in the story of Vjosa Cerkini.

Discrimination backed by the law

Bosniaks in Kosovo are faced with language discrimination, and the most common reason is that their language is similar to Serbian. But language is not the only reason. Although there is a legal framework that requires the employment of minority communities in public institutions, this law is not enforced. More in the story of our Vjosa Cerkini.

Kosovo’s youth choose the path of religion

Most young people from Kosovo are Muslims and most of them practice their religion. Although not all of them consider themselves as religious, these young people can be an example of religious tolerance. Those who are religious and who practice religion have very good relations with those who not. More in the story brought by Vjosa Cerkini.

Youth strategy exists only on paper

In 2015 The Government of Northern Macedonia adopted the Youth Strategy, which should regulate all things related to this population. However, the Strategy was adopted in a non-transparent manner, and many Macedonian organizations from North Macedonia have warned of major failures in making it. The other problem is that the Strategy exists only on paper and is not being implemented by the institutions. More in Kristine Ozimec’s story.

Eco-friendly Country Needs Eco-friendly People

Reflecting on what he would improve in his hometown Nikšić, 18 years old Miloš Džiknić founded a non-governmental organization devoted to developing the space for young people and raising their awareness by offering them an alternative to everyday habits that often lead to depression.
In addition to NGOs, “Green Center”, he has also recognized his affinities for discovering and perfecting biology. Now, at the third year of study, he belongs to the first team that counted and analyzed the life conditions of the endangered eel in Skadar Lake.
Believing in the natural potentials of the state, he believes that more and more attention should be paid to the conservation and the proper use of nature.

MKC Skopje – the place where everything starts

The Youth Cultural Center (MKC) Skopje is known as the place where alternative art arises and lives. That was so while the MKC was  called the Youth Chamber “25. May “. Simply put, it is a place whose significance for young people and art can not be conjured up in words or can be measured by some of the people of known metrics. More in Kristine Ozimec’s story.