MKC Skopje – the place where everything starts

The Youth Cultural Center (MKC) Skopje is known as the place where alternative art arises and lives. That was so while the MKC was  called the Youth Chamber “25. May “. Simply put, it is a place whose significance for young people and art can not be conjured up in words or can be measured by some of the people of known metrics. More in Kristine Ozimec’s story.

Family means safety

Compared with young people from other European countries, a very low percentage of young people from Kosovo decides to leave and live completely independently of their parents after reaching the age of 18. Why it is almost impossible for young people from Kosovo to gain independence find out in a story by our Vjosa Çerkini.

How to be free and think critically?

During the recording of the series “Perspektiva” in Prijedor, the young people said many great things that, unfortunately, due to the lack of time, were not included in the final shows. One of the topics that has been started was free and critical thinking.

Censorship in order to “protect state reputation and digity”

The new Act on State Symbols in Montenegro provides for fines of between EUR 1,000 and EUR 20,000 if “the legal entity uses a coat of arms and a flag in artistic creation, teaching and education in a way that violates the public morality, reputation and dignity of Montenegro”, or “performs, corrects, adds or modifies on the Grb or Zastava, if the flag is placed so that it touches the ground or as a mat or curtain; in text or melody make any changes “, and in other similar forms and situations, if this could be interpreted as” insulting the reputation and dignity of Montenegro “.