North Macedonia

Young Roma almost invisible in Macedonian media

Young Roma aren’t satisfied with the way they’ve been presented by the media. News that encourage mockery and stereotypes towards Roma get the most...


Stefan Jankoski from Ohrid, is one of the best students in the Faculty of Maritime Studies in Rijeka and likely the only Macedonian who...


DEFEAT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE It is no secret that sports requires energy and commitment. When you are disabled for whatever reason, it requires even more. To be a...

WE ARE AT WAR!!! How our students live during the coronavirus pandemic ... Mahira Pašalić, an ERASMUS scholarship recipient from Lyon.        

Monte Negro

Moving wheelchair with blink of an eye

Dalibor Djumic is a young innovator from Bihac. He developed a system that allows moving a wheelchair by just blinking. In this way he...

FROM STREET TO FESTIVAL IN PORTUGAL At a time when the pandemic is subsiding, problems in the economy come to the fore. States are forced to slowly give in to...


EYOF unites youth from the region

As part of the EYOF, a special project was organized aiming to present this event through the eyes of young people. 14 young people...

EYOF 2019: Step from a dream to reality

The closing ceremony of the biggest sport event in B&H, after Olympics Games in 1984, was held last Friday in East Sarajevo. Young PR...

Out of Borders

Never again about us without us

In the History Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the exhibition "Breaking Free: Children born of war", exhibition about the children born as a result...

Introducing: New Third Path

"The New Third Way" is a multidisciplinary organization founded in May 2017 by young people, with the aim of offering a new approach to political analysis in the times of right and left populism. The mission of the organization is to contribute to social progress through argumentative, academically based and socially responsible public action.

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“Perspective is about confronting kids from different backgrounds. Young people are much more intelligent and uncorrupted then us. They demonstrate great courage in front of our cameras talking about their opinions and about what their parents are saying to them. The bravery of young – we should look for it and mine it in this country.” Brano Jakubović (Dubioza Kolektiv)

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FROM PROMISE TO REALITY Politicians most often keep giving various promises trying to attract voters in order to get elected. Not many of those promises are implemented. Raising...